Europe: A pictorial map

Ernest Dudley Chase, c. 1938. Restored by Jiuguang Wang, 2016

Uncolored pictorial map. Showing various sites, buildings, lighthouse, and landmarks. Includes illustrations of steamboats, ships. Map surrounded by vignettes of significant landmarks. Title framed by ornamental cartouche. Includes a compass rose. Relief shown pictorially.


Map of San Francisco

Harrison Godwin, c. 1927. Restored by Jiuguang Wang, 2016

Godwin's map is perhaps the largest and most profusely illustrated of all pictorial maps of San Francisco, with comic characters depicting different aspects of the city, a cowboy getting bucked off a horse, a couple dancing an exaggerated Charleston, dozens of whimsical vignettes with explanation text, illustrating both the modern city of San Francisco and its early history, including 1906 San Francisco's Earthquake and Fire. The streets, parks, local churches, schools, and government buildings are drawn to show the visitor. Noted: "The City That Knows How" and "The Ideal Convention City." Includes San Francisco: population, industry, products and postal services, and lists of banks and theaters. This map was digitally restored in Photoshop to remove the folding creases in the original scan. Color and distortion were corrected and the resulting image was printed on wrapped canvas.


A Map and History of Peiping

Frank Dorn, c. 1936. Restored by Jiuguang Wang, 2013

Col. Frank Dorn (1901–1981), later brigadier general, was an artist, writer and aide to Gen. Joseph Stilwell, the man who during World War II commanded the U.S. and Chinese Nationalist resistance to Japanese incursions into China and Burma.

The map shows the principal sites and occupations of the inhabitants, within a border giving a pictographic introduction to Chinese history from 1100 B.C. to 1927. The whole map crowded with amusing vignettes of the life and sights of Peking ranging from the Forbidden City and the Old Execution Ground through to Pigeon Thieves, the Eunuchs' Cemetery, the Dog Temple, the Temple of Eighteen Hells and the Spider Pagoda. A delightful work that provides not only ongoing entertainment and amusement but also much information on little-known aspects of the city.